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🤖🖼️ I tested many different Prompts for Dall-E and MidJourney so you don’t have to waste your time and credits.

Do you like everything AI? You are in the right place.

This is the collection of multiple Case Studies I've done for AI Image Generation models, DALL-E 2, and MidJourney.

Both models produce way different results and having them tested side by side is essential to know the capabilities of both AIs.

Inside you will find multiple case studies covering various concepts of the text prompts you feed to the model.

Sometimes results are literally SHOCKING.

Case Study #01: AI Image Style Variations

Discover 50 different (quite random) STYLES of the same scene.

You can find the prompts I used the each photo's caption.

Art Styles covered in this Case study:

Roman Fresco Painting

Flat Illustration


Photorealistic Fantasy

Pixel Art

Futuristic Avant Garde


Vintage Diagram... and more

Case Study #02: AI Image Type Variations

Discover 50 different (quite random) Types of the same scene.

You can find the prompts I used the each photo's caption.

Image Types covered in this Case study:

Pinhole camera photograph


Nighttime Photograph

Architectural rendering

Grunge-style photography

Digital Painting

Action Shot

Installment Filmmaking


... and more

Case Study #03: Characters placed on Landscapes

Discover how you can combine multiple prompts into one to create unique results.

We will build characters and scenes and then smash them together to see what happens.

Inside you will find:

  • Images inside: 240 (60 x 4 previews)
  • 20 Characters
  • 20 Random Landscapes
  • 20 Characters placed on Landscapes
  • 60 Prompts I used

Case Study #04: MidJourney Parameters

Inside you will find:

  • MidJourney Parameters test
  • Original four-variant mosaic
  • High-resolution examples

Case Study #05: Seamless Textures

Inside you will find

  • MidJourney Parameters test
  • Original two-variant mosaic
  • 12 Examples per variation


Q: Can I request a case study?

A: Yes you can! You will have a study request form inside of this tool.

Q: Do I need to have access to DALL-E 2 or MidJourney

A: No! This is simply a collection of images that had been already generated. In fact.

Q: How much does this case study collection cost?

A: This collection is 100% Free.

Q: Can I support your work?

A: Donations are appreciated! You can put an optional amount when downloading this tool.

Q: How do I contact you?

A: if you have questions or want to talk AI - you can find me at ian@extycreate.com. I am also on Twitter, stop by and say "hi".

Q: Do you have a donation program or do community work?

A: Yes, 100% of the profit from my products gets donated to Ukraine

I hope these case studies will help you with your AI generation journey!

If you would like a copy of a Prompt Management tool I am using - check out AI Image Generation OS while it’s on sale!

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A Notion Template with Case Study

Dall-E 2 Prompt Examples
MidJourney Prompt Examples
Style Variations
Type Varriations
Characters placed on Landscapes
MidJourney Parameters
Seamless Testures
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📷 Discover the Power of AI Imagery - AI Image Case Studies Hub

55 ratings
I want this!